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Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Gospel of Barnabas a.k.a The Islamic Gospel

The Gospel of Barnabas is a substantial book depicting the life of Jesus; and claiming to be by Jesus's disciple Barnabas, who in this work is one of the twelve apostles.
This work bears strong parallels with the Islamic faith, not only mentioning Muhammad by name, but including the shahadah(chapter 39). It is strongly anti-Pauline and anti-Trinitarian in tone. In this work, Jesus is described as a prophet and not the son of God, while Paul is called "the deceived". Furthermore, the Gospel of Barnabas states that Jesus escaped crucifixion by being raised alive to heaven; while Judas Iscariot the traitor was crucified in his place. These beliefs; in particular that Jesus is a prophet of God and raised alive without being crucified; conform with Islamic beliefs. It was found from the Pope's room during the medieval ages.
For these reasons it is rejected by Christians and it is also called Islamic Gospel.





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