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Friday, January 30, 2009

Bhagavad Gita tal como es - Español [A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada]

Bhagavad Gita tal como es - Español by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

The Spanish version of Bhagvad Gita.

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Books on Christianity

  • Understanding The Difference Between The Spirit & The Soul by Everest John Alexander

    This eBook gives a very distinct explanation and definition of what the spirit is, it’s purpose and function and what the soul is, it’s purpose and function. It describes the spirit and the soul in meticulous detail, clearly showing how they resemble and how they differ from each other. It sheds abundant light and removes all the mystery so that anyone can easily appreciate what the spirit is and how it works and what the soul is and how it works.

  • Understanding The 7 Attributes of Salvation by Everest John Alexander

    Some may say that there are more than just 7 Attributes of Salvation and I won’t argue with that. This ebook, however, clearly explains and defines what I consider to be the major Attributes of Salvation i.e. Redemption - Remission - Justification - Regeneration - Reconciliation - Sanctification - Glorification. I’ve included special notes on Adoption and Substitution in this book but because of its complexity I’ve devoted a entire book to the Doctrine of Election.

  • Understanding The Significance of Election by Everest John Alexander

    This Ebook gives a simple yet detailed explanation of what the Doctrine of Election is and the important part it plays in salvation. It addresses the issue of, “Once saved… Always saved” and answers, “Can a Christian lose his or her salvation?” For a more in-depth study of the subject there’s also a special chart and a link at the end of the book to a site discussing the ordering of the soteriological elements of God’s Eternal Decrees with particular emphasis on the difference between supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism. This is, of course, for the more serious Bible student. The book itself is simple to read and quite easy to understand.


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kulyat-e-Iqbal [Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal]

Kulyat-Iqbal by Allama Iqbal
Format: PDF
Language: Urdu

This book is the masterpiece of Urdu poetry.
This volume of complete Urdu poetry by the poet-philosopher Allama Iqbal consists of the following four collections: Bang-i-Dara; Bal-i-Jibreel; Armaghan-i-Hijaz, and Zarb-i-Kaleem. The complete works of the late Mohammad Iqbal.



Strategic and Warfare

Military and War Studies


Science and Technology

Science and Technology


English Poetry Ebooks

English Poetry Collection

  • Church Street is Burning

    Finalist - 2003 Eppie Awards The street is burning down as poet deals with a giant in his basement and a madman on the third floor...

  • Harmony - A poem

    A poem about the longing for a beloved friend ... by Dieter Geruschkat

  • October Rush

    Free speculative poetry collection from Featuring Bruce Boston, Kurt Newton, Sandy DeLuca, Charlee Jacob, Michael A. Arnzen, and others

  • The Black Bird

    The unravelling of the thoughts and mind of Humphrey Bogart as he makes the movie - The Maltese Falcon

  • The Hundred Best English Poems

    100 of the best-loved and well-known english poems.

  • Ugly Girls Guide To the Galaxy

    An eBook of gothic poetry by Valerie Hardin

  • Amazonas

    An e-book about poetry by Márcia Theóphilo on Amazon forest and its myths

  • Songs of My Soul

    The poetry of a teenage suicide victim whose severe social phobia resulted in many thoughts and ideas being communicated through poetry.

  • Toyota Haiku (Classic Edition)

    Haiku verse immortalizing a 1986 Toyota Camry. Recalling good times, bad wear and tear, and a the mixed emotion of parting with such a reliable road friend.

  • Windfall

    Poetry covering various topics.


Personal Development

  • The Love for Manufactured Things by Xavier Molina

    “That’s a poem’s book but it is not a sweet or romantical collection of nice poems, it’s about real problems of current people. For example one poem called ‘Without noise’ is based on a interview I saw on tv made to an USA soldier in Irak, ‘Colors’ is about religion and crime, ‘Reproaches’ deals with couples’ lack of understanding and so on. I know poetry is not a very interesting thing for readers but anyway I should try.”

  • Success Marking Scheme by Anthony Samuel

    People have always been struggling in pursuit of success for ages. Success has always tried it’s best to evade them and they have always been downcast. It would not be the same if people knew the secret behind every success. If you knew the ingredients of your favorite soft drink, you would make it at home. Imagine serving a crowd of visitors in your home with your own produced soft drink tasting as good as that you normally buy from the shops. That could be a very good feeling. The truth is, this is very possible. But the ingredients are a secret to the manufacturers. However that still does not make it an impossibility. If you got the ingredients and followed the recipe, am sure you will make the exact same soft drink.

  • What You MUST Do To Set in Motion The Law of Attraction! by Tamara Baruhovich

    What You Must Do to Set in Motion The Law of Attraction. After reading this little ebook you will finally understand WHY the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for many people. But most importantly, you will know what you MUST do to activate this powerful law to start attracting to YOUR life all the things you’ve been dreaming of!

  • Career Satisfaction From Within by Chris Edgar

    This book takes a spiritual approach to creating lasting career satisfaction by helping readers cultivate an inner sense of wholeness. This feeling of completeness helps people transcend the anxieties that prevent them from finding focus and passion in their work. The exercises in the book, which largely involve visualization, meditation and conscious breathing, help readers realize that they are complete and worthwhile beings, no matter what their career situations.

  • The Alchemy of Abundance by Dax Fiddes

    In The Alchemy of Abundance book, you will learn powerful principles and methods to transform your life and create abundance. Rather than teach you how to attract money and prosperity; it will show you how to create it through Higher Purpose. Forget the Law of Attraction, affirmations and positive thinking; you will learn that the greatest secret to creating true prosperity is to serve others with your special gifts and talents. True prosperity consciousness is only achieved when you:

    * Understand the metaphysical principles that govern the Universe

    * Learn how to tap into your Inner Power - intention, intuition and imagination

    * Discover how to manifest your intentions powerfully and effectively

    * Align with your Higher Purpose and actualize it through service to others

  • No More Shyness
    Shyness is an ever-increasing problem and fostered, many feel, by the technology available nowadays. Online dating, email, and virtual anonymity are realities in today’s world. For most of us, these are merely conveniences; but for many, these are simply ways to avoid directly connecting to others. They are literally in hiding from the world. Reaching out and touching someone is terrifying to the seriously shy and socially phobic. There’s much less awkwardness when dealing with others via the internet. No one would see them or hear them; they feel safe.

  • A guide to making personal life changes by Mike Reeves-McMillan
    A guide to making personal life changes, including techniques for managing emotions, changing habits and making a change plan. The author is a hypnotherapist and health coach, and emphasizes simple, practical techniques which are useful in everyday life. Learn why your brain resists change, how you can change anyway, and when is the best time to make significant life changes.

  • The 5 inspirations by presents an e-book on 5 inspirational and useful topics for spiritual development.

  • Focus - The Key To Success Free Ebook

    One Skill That Helps You To Become Super Successful in Everything You Do - Love, Business, Relationship, Anything!

  • Four Leaf Clovers

    This book was written by Roberta MacDonald, senior vice president of marketing for Cabot Creamery Cooperative on the simple joy and pleasure of searching for four-leaf clovers. Written in 1988, reprinted in 2003 and again in 2007, MacDonald’s book is a lighthearted yet techinical look at how to search for four-leaf clovers. More importantly, it’s a guide to introspection and contemplation — two things seemingly lacking today due to life’s everyday demands and distractions. Although ostensibly about how to search for four-leaf clovers, this guide quietly offers subtle instruction in another search: how to relax and sample what’s really meaningful in life. Roberta MacDonald has written a pleasantly whimsical tract about the art of contemplation. Her advice is specific, and its implications are as much philosophical as horticultural.



  • Sweet Ginger Poison by Robert Burton Robinson
    Synopsis: Virginia “Ginger” Lightley is the owner of Coreyville Coffee Cakes, a popular bakery in East Texas. Customers drive from miles away to visit the little shop for a taste of her original creations. It’s a shock to the whole community when a young man drops dead across town after eating one of her famous cakes. The newly appointed police chief promises to solve the case quickly. And Ginger wants to help him—until he accuses one of her employees of murder. She rejects the crime scenario laid out by the young police chief and secretly determines to solve the crime herself.

  • Perfect Woman by GEORGY STENKIN


  • Bridge at War

    Set in 1946, this story follows three young men who were comrades in the Army during the War. They are introduced to the magical world of Lyndesfarne and join the Guardians, one of the secretive organisations whose purpose is to protect the crossing.

  • Death on the New Bridge

    A sequel to New Bridge to Lyndesfarne, this novel follows Kevin and Tanji, who are asked by Bret to assist with the investigation of the mysterious dead body found in the exact centre of the new bridge.

  • New Bridge to Lyndesfarne

    Frist of a sequence of fantasy novels, partially set in 21st century England and partially in the magical world of Lyndesfarne.

  • Defeating Silence Excellent

    Here's a free novel you can really get into: The reader plays a part in the story. Take an active or passive role-either way, it's a new experience in reading. Find out more or download the book at:

  • Setisia

    An unusual fantasy/adventure novel, complete and free online.

  • Arywan Series: Children of Naaram

    A paladin comes to realize that she is one of many of the offsprings placed upon the earth by Naraam, a dead God of Murder. She must learn of her origins, to find she is the one to stop her siblings, and ultimately save the world of Arywan.

  • Earthbound

    A time-warp victim falls in love with a distant ancestor and jeopardizes his own existence and that of his people.


    Free e-book of short stories. Nine short stories, set in Australia, some amusing, some serious, but all easy to read and enjoyable.

  • Fulcrum Shift

    HIgh Fantasy novel in the tradition of Lord of the Rings. Sells for 13.95 on . Download it free here.






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