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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


  • Sweet Ginger Poison by Robert Burton Robinson
    Synopsis: Virginia “Ginger” Lightley is the owner of Coreyville Coffee Cakes, a popular bakery in East Texas. Customers drive from miles away to visit the little shop for a taste of her original creations. It’s a shock to the whole community when a young man drops dead across town after eating one of her famous cakes. The newly appointed police chief promises to solve the case quickly. And Ginger wants to help him—until he accuses one of her employees of murder. She rejects the crime scenario laid out by the young police chief and secretly determines to solve the crime herself.

  • Perfect Woman by GEORGY STENKIN


  • Bridge at War

    Set in 1946, this story follows three young men who were comrades in the Army during the War. They are introduced to the magical world of Lyndesfarne and join the Guardians, one of the secretive organisations whose purpose is to protect the crossing.

  • Death on the New Bridge

    A sequel to New Bridge to Lyndesfarne, this novel follows Kevin and Tanji, who are asked by Bret to assist with the investigation of the mysterious dead body found in the exact centre of the new bridge.

  • New Bridge to Lyndesfarne

    Frist of a sequence of fantasy novels, partially set in 21st century England and partially in the magical world of Lyndesfarne.

  • Defeating Silence Excellent

    Here's a free novel you can really get into: The reader plays a part in the story. Take an active or passive role-either way, it's a new experience in reading. Find out more or download the book at:

  • Setisia

    An unusual fantasy/adventure novel, complete and free online.

  • Arywan Series: Children of Naaram

    A paladin comes to realize that she is one of many of the offsprings placed upon the earth by Naraam, a dead God of Murder. She must learn of her origins, to find she is the one to stop her siblings, and ultimately save the world of Arywan.

  • Earthbound

    A time-warp victim falls in love with a distant ancestor and jeopardizes his own existence and that of his people.


    Free e-book of short stories. Nine short stories, set in Australia, some amusing, some serious, but all easy to read and enjoyable.

  • Fulcrum Shift

    HIgh Fantasy novel in the tradition of Lord of the Rings. Sells for 13.95 on . Download it free here.






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