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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Books on Christianity

  • Understanding The Difference Between The Spirit & The Soul by Everest John Alexander

    This eBook gives a very distinct explanation and definition of what the spirit is, it’s purpose and function and what the soul is, it’s purpose and function. It describes the spirit and the soul in meticulous detail, clearly showing how they resemble and how they differ from each other. It sheds abundant light and removes all the mystery so that anyone can easily appreciate what the spirit is and how it works and what the soul is and how it works.

  • Understanding The 7 Attributes of Salvation by Everest John Alexander

    Some may say that there are more than just 7 Attributes of Salvation and I won’t argue with that. This ebook, however, clearly explains and defines what I consider to be the major Attributes of Salvation i.e. Redemption - Remission - Justification - Regeneration - Reconciliation - Sanctification - Glorification. I’ve included special notes on Adoption and Substitution in this book but because of its complexity I’ve devoted a entire book to the Doctrine of Election.

  • Understanding The Significance of Election by Everest John Alexander

    This Ebook gives a simple yet detailed explanation of what the Doctrine of Election is and the important part it plays in salvation. It addresses the issue of, “Once saved… Always saved” and answers, “Can a Christian lose his or her salvation?” For a more in-depth study of the subject there’s also a special chart and a link at the end of the book to a site discussing the ordering of the soteriological elements of God’s Eternal Decrees with particular emphasis on the difference between supralapsarianism and infralapsarianism. This is, of course, for the more serious Bible student. The book itself is simple to read and quite easy to understand.






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