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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Imran Series: Kaghzee Qayamat (part 1) [Mazhar Kaleem]

Title: Imran Series: Kaghzee Qayamat (part 1)
Author: Mazhar Kaleem
Language: Urdu
Pages: 279
File Size: 3.55 MB
File Format: PDF
Category: Novel, Urdu Literature

Before introducing this novel let us try to imagine:
What drives the modern system of economy?
What are currency notes worth without the confidence of issuing authority?
What can be the worst nightmare of modern capitalistic system of economy?
Quite intriguing! This novel presents a theme which has never been touched before. Kaghazee Qayamat is a catastrophe which is inflicted on people. If paper is manipulated in a particular way, it can do more damage than TNT bombs. Imran and his team-mates are up for their greatest challenge against an international criminal organization with full potential for the execution of plan. Is there a way to stop it? Find out in this classic of Urdu literature.






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