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Friday, September 2, 2011

The rise and fall of great powers [Paul Kennedy]

Title: The rise and fall of great powers
Author: Paul Kennedy
Language: English
 Pages: 704
 File Size: 27.8 mb
File Format: PDF
Category: History

Yale historian Kennedy surveys the ebb and flow of power among the major states of Europe from the 16th centurywhen Europe's preeminence first took shapethrough and beyond the present era when great power status is devolving again upon the extra-European states. Stressing the interrelationships among economic wealth, technological innovation, and the ability of states efficiently to tap their resources for prolonged military preparedness and warmaking, he notes that those states with the relatively greater ability to maintain a balance of military and economic strength assumed the lead. Kennedy never reduces the analysis to crude materialism or empty tautology. Stimulating, erudite, carefully crafted, and readable; for public and academic libraries.
The book is a vigorous entry in the debate over the extent to which national wealth should be used for military purposes.






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