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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Duckworth Lewis Method [ICC]

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 In the sport of cricket, the Duckworth–Lewis method (D/L method) is a mathematical way to calculate the target score for the team batting second in a one-day cricket or Twenty20 cricket  match interrupted by weather or other circumstance. The D/L method sets revised targets in rain-interrupted limited-overs cricket matches in accordance with the relative run scoring resources which are at the disposal of the two sides. It is generally accepted to be a fair and accurate method of setting a target score, but as it attempts to predict what would have happened had the game come to its natural conclusion, it generates some controversy. The D/L method was devised by two English statisticians, Frank Duckworth and Tony Lewis.
Duckworth and Lewis
Here is an online calculator for DL method:
Calculate the result of your rain affected matches and enjoy!






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