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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report (1971)

The most important incident in the history of Pakistan was separation of East and West Pakistan.
The Hamoodur Rahman commission was constituted by Pakistan Government to investigate the Bangladesh atrocities during the Bangladesh Liberation War and the military and political causes of the country's defeat in the 1971 war. It was asked to investigate "the circumstances in which the Commander, Eastern command, surrendered and the members of the Armed Forces of Pakistan under his command laid down their arms and a cease-fire was ordered along the borders of West Pakistan and India and along the cease-fire line in the State of Jammu and Kashmir." The report was very critical of the role of Pakistan's military and politicians and its publication was disallowed at the time.
The findings of this report are now available to the world. Those interested in South Asia don't miss this one.






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