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Monday, February 2, 2009

Books on BUDHISM

  • Quantum Buddhism: Awakening to the Great Field by François Lépine

    Quantum Buddhism aims at providing a set of tools to develop a scientific-spiritual approach to the world, unburdened by traditional cultural ritualistic and dogmatic weight, where development of the self prevails to become a conscious scientific instrument. Along reading this book, you will learn a good basis of theory and application of this technique on transcending the human senses to perceive the spiritual world.

    The Unified Quantum Field is for science what the Supreme Consciousness is for spirituality. Each wave function of the multi-dimensional quantum field is a thought of the highest nature in the Supreme Consciousness. Each of these supreme thoughts comprises the whole of an experience of life. Every parameter of a human thought, a signal in the nervous system, an action, an interaction, a sensation and the awareness of the experience is a single equation resumed as a quantum wave function that is self-contained within all its parameters. Everything is ONE.





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