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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Great books for self improvement

  1. How to Overcome Social Anxiety: Defeat social anxiety with the techniques found in this ebook.
  2. Affirmation eBook: Learn how to achieve your goals using affirmations with the help of this ebook.
  3. How to Read Body Language: This ebook explains how to read body language for business and personal relationships.
  4. The Seven Challenges Workbook: In this workbook, you’ll get a guide to communication skills that you can put to work at home and in your professional life.
  5. How to Be More Successful: This ebook explains how you can set goals to achieve what you want from life.
  6. Helping Yourself Heal-A Recovering Woman’s Guide to Coping with the Effects of Childhood Abuse Issues: Learn about recovering from childhood abuse from this ebook.
  7. The Epidemiology of Co-Occuring Substance Use and Mental Disorders: Get an overview of substance abuse paired with mental disorders through this ebook.
  8. 12 Fun Ways to Change Your Life: Make a difference in your life with the 12 strategies in this ebook.
  9. Know Your Own Mind: Get an analysis of your personality by using this ebook.
  10. 89 Ways to Simplify Your Life: Read this ebook to learn how to make your life easier and happier.
  11. The Keys to Becoming Confident: This ebook will explain in simple steps how you can become a more confident person.
  12. How to Feel Better: This ebook is written to help people suffering from depression.
  13. 5 Secrets of Motivation: Overcome inaction and achieve your dreams with the knowledge in this ebook.
  14. Mental Health Self-Help Book: Check out this book written by two doctors to get help with your mental health.





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