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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Family and Relationships

  1. 10 Qualities of the Ladies Man: Learn how to be the man all women want with this ebook.
  2. Protect Children from Drugs & Alcohol: Parents should check out this ebook that will help you keep your kids away from drugs and alcohol.
  3. Time-Tested Dating Secrets: This ebook will teach you how to make Internet dating work for you.
  4. Underage Alcohol Use: Findings from the 2002-2006 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health: In this report, you’ll learn about alcohol consumption by people from 12 to 20.
  5. The Bully: This book will explain how to deal with bullies, both as a child and an adult.
  6. 10 Deadly Relationship Mistakes That Cause Breakups: Help prevent breakups by avoiding these relationship mistakes.
  7. The Divorce & Custody Resource Handbook: Read this ebook to find useful resources for getting through divorce.
  8. 45 Ways to Be a Better Parent and Raise Well-Balanced and Responsible Kids: Get practical, effective parenting strategies from this ebook.
  9. 100 Dating and Relationship Tips: In this ebook, you’ll find a wealth of helpful information for creating new relationships.
  10. 35 Smart Dating Rules: Follow these rules for the dating world.
  11. Baby Tips for New Parents: Read this book for guidance on getting ready to bring your new baby home.





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